Comprised by a select and qualified group of collaborators, NEONUTRI has more than 200 people who dedicate, create, produce and organize themselves so a quality product can get to you.


NEONUTRI prizes for quality and excellence, and to certify our products, CEPEN – Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas em Exercício Físico e Nutrição – created a seal, Neo Science Control, which guarantees our products. This seal is used in all products that have tudies to scientifically prove their effectiveness. This is one more ervice offered to the consumers that reinforces the quality of our products.


Our entrepreneur spirit, allied to the purpose to offer the ideal formula for your body, caused NEONUTRI to broaden its physical and human capacity. In Poços de Caldas, MG, is located our manufacturing unit, with a 30,000m² structure.

Marketing Structure

In São Paulo, NEONUTRI has a large and modern corporate office, focused in the marketing area.


With full and flexible structure, NEONUTRI has capacity to cover simultaneous events throughout the national territory and currently, the company participates and sponsors the main national and international events of the industry.


Brazil NEONUTRI is present throughout the national territory since 1998 when it started its activities and a success path. In 2012, it accomplished to be the brand with the largest growth in the industry. In the state of Santa Catarina, the company has a branch focused on the import of products and raw material. This import point supplies, not only NEONUTRI but also companies of the food, pharmaceutical and pet markets. USA/Europe In 2013, NEONUTRI dared and started its international expansion with the distribution and sale to the European and North American markets. In Europe it has a distribution center located in Holland; in the United States, its structure is in Miami. The American structure produces and distributes with capacity to serve its own and the Canadian markets. Just like the European, which distributes the Brazilian and American productions.


For our values and purposes to extend to the consumers, we dedicate special attention to the points of purchase, as they are our main contacts with the end consumer. This way, we invest in solid partnerships, layout materials, communication and conduct constant trainings that ensure knowledge and service assurance to the teams.

NeoNutri Team

NEONUTRI has in its essence the care with the values and factors that allow growth. Sport is something that provides this growth, both personal and professional. When practicing a sport, people express feelings, beliefs and the way they feel and perceive the world. NEONUTRI team is comprised by athletes from several modalities such as Bodybuilding, Fitness, MMA , Track and Field, BMX and Moto racing.

Word from the President

Founded in 1998, NeoNutri Suplementos Nutricionais, with headquarters in Poços de Caldas – Minas Gerais, has the purpose of offering the ideal formula for your body. Juliano Moreno, former bike cross athlete and founder of the company, believes that the constant investment in research, technology and innovation is the key factor to reach the goals. In Brazil, NEONUTRI has one of the most representative sports nutrition laboratories of the country and is considered as the company with the greatest concern with the health of its consumers. NEONUTRI is a company that develops champions.